The Toddler stage is a very busy, exciting time in a young child’s life, filled with tremendous amounts of growth and development. Toddlers are curious, free-spirited little people. They are beginning to walk and talk, and follow simple directions. The teachers work hard to help the children develop self-confidence, as well as teaching them respect for themselves and others.

Areas of educational programming include:



• We provide many opportunities for children to foster independence, as toddlers want to practice new skills and do things themselves.  

• Toddlers are learning to respond appropriately to their feelings, expressing their emotions and recognizing and responding to the emotions of others.


• Daily motor activities (large motor/fine motor) include practicing skills such as running, jumping, climbing, scribbling, painting, puzzles, playdough and sensory play..

•  Experiencing these skills daily allows toddlers to refine and master them.



• With consistent, predictable routines, toddlers learn to recognize there is an order to daily events.  

• We provide opportunities to enhance cognitive skill development through daily exploration, social experiences (pretend play) and early literacy.



• Receptive language (understanding the words that are said) develops at a much higher rate than expressive language (the words they say).  

• We provide many opportunities to assist children in increasing their expressive language skills.

• We utilize sign language weekly.